Toll Free: 1-844-332-7095
Address:18208 91st Ave HOLLIS, NY 11423.

3 thoughts on “contact

  1. belinda calhoun

    I forgot my lynksys E series password for my router….HELP

  2. juana

    some paper got stuck inside the printer so i took it out and now it doesn’t want to work. i read the canon IJ on-screen manual MG3500 but i couldn’t get it to work

  3. Laraine

    Last week I spent 4 hours on live chat with Magic Jack tech support he did everything he knew about
    like Just a minute” please and just a minute please and just a minute please.
    and unplug you power source and plug direct in to wall socket , and use your smart phone power cord on magic jack and just a minute please and .I am going to pass this call to a senior agent and just a minute please and shut down your computer and power source and wait few minutes then re-plug computer in and
    any way after 4 hours he fell off the world and my phone does not work so how can you help me ?

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